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Gorgeous pastel colors and amazing color payoff
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I love the pastel color combinations of cotton candy white, pink and mint. You can make all kinds of patterns as it comes with a white nail polish. Their names simply describe the shade perfectly. The brush is quite wide and I wish it had a little more strength in it but it’s soft and only takes one stroke to cover the nails.


My little girl loved it when I drew flowers on her toenails with the nail brush I bought at Daiso. I think I can do better if I practice a bit more. I found that the white nail polish was quite useful.


These nail polishes are now on the top list of my pastel colored enamel nail polishes as the color goes on smooth and stays bright ^^ They are not very shiny but not flat either. They are beautiful shades pastels.


I would go for double coat or more and although it doesn’t dry super quickly, I think it will have minimal chipping if dried well.


The texture is not too watery so when you draw on your nails, the colors stay bright. I painted mint and pink on my fingernails, twice each and a quick brush with white and the color came out beautifully. As I said before, you can do all kinds of things with the white nail polish. However, the nail polishes only come in these 3 colors... I wish they had different colors as well.

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