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The amazing effects of ginseng berries!
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Fermentation science in collaboration with ginseng berry!

Ginseng berry, a modern elixir of life, is a magical berry which can only be picked once in every four years. It clears and revitalizes rough and dull-looking skin ^^




The Rosybeige Label Concentrate Set

Toner, emulsion, serum, and cream

* Double functional product with whitening and anti-wrinkle effects *



The Rosybeige Label Concentrate Toner 150ml

* After washing, apply toner onto a cotton ball and gently wipe over the skin, moving outward.

This essential toner penetrates the skin and keeps it hydrated and healthy without leaving a greasy residue.




It has a watery texture and feels refreshing on the skin!

It absorbs into skin readily without greasiness and has a refreshing herbal scent of ginseng.




It absorbs well into the skin!

It tones, moisturizes, and creates a healthy and glowing skin!



The Rosybeige Label Concentrate Emulsion 150ml

* Apply on to skin after serum and let is absorb *

This emulsion revitalizes skin and makes skin radiant with ginseng berry and fermented ginseng extract.



It has a light texture like a lotion




It absorbs well into the skin.

The emulsion is light without greasiness.

I am sure everyone will love this product!



The Rosybeige Label Concentrate Cream 60ml

* Apply at the last stage of your skin care routine and pat in to absorb *

This cream, made from ginseng berry and fermented ginseng extract, revitalizes and adds firmness to the skin. Also, pea extract and coconut oil which hydrates skin leaves skin glowing.




This is a light textured cream full of moisture!





It absorbs well into the skin!!

Keeps skin healthy with pea extract and coconut oil, leaving skin glowing and nourished.



The Rosybeige Label Concentrate Serum 55ml

* Apply on to skin after using the toner *

Revitalizes and firms skin with ginseng berry and fermented ginseng extract.

This serum keeps skin moisturized with pea extract and coconut oil.




Slightly thick texture


Absorbs into skin without a greasy residue



The Rosybeing Label Concentrate Set comes with convenient pump bottles. It is rich with saponins up to 15 times more than ginseng roots. You can totally feel the amazing effects of ginseng berries as it makes skin healthy and firm. My skin usually gets irritated after using greasy, oily or chemical products but not once did I have skin problem using The Rosybeige Label Concentrate Set!! My skin feels firmer, brighter, softer and deeply moisturized after using them. The Rosybeige Label Concentrate Set delivers clear and moisturized skin. I totally recommend it to those who are concerned with tired, sagging and dull-looking skin!!

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