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A new world of cleansers! Naiswhi Real Pure Cleansing Water
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# Naiswhi Real Pure Cleansing Water #



Hi, it’s Hephzibah.


Cleansing is the most basic skin care. How well are you cleansing your face? I usually just bathe with my two sons and end up washing my face in a hurry.


Today I am going to introduce to you the Real Pure Cleansing Water made from clean ingredients.





I was surprised that Chungho Nais also had cosmetics and products like this cleanser.

Before I got married, I use cleansing cream and then after having kids, I started to use cleansing oil which you don’t have to wipe away with tissues. I actually never knew that there was such a thing as a cleansing water.



This cleansing water contains damask rose water to keep skin hydrated as well as lotus extract to soothe skin. This is a product that gently removes makeup.

Don’t you just love the packaging? It says that the product is made of natural ingredients and does not contain paraben.





I took a close look at the list of ingredients. It also contains flower petal extracts. I think that’s why the cleansing water is slightly pinkish. It’s supposed to be a cleansing water but when you shake the bottle, the liquid inside creates little bubbles.




There is a protective film inside so I removed it and poured a tiny bit on to my palm. It’s unlike any other cleansing products. It has no viscosity and it just feels like water and I really liked it ^^


I put on several cosmetics on my hand to test how well it can be removed. Cosmetics are pretty hard to remove and I really wanted to try out my new cleansing water.



Cleansing water is different from cleansing oil.

You must use a cotton pad with the cleansing water.


Apply on to the cotton pad and wipe across the face and around the eye area to remove makeup and impurities. For point makeup, place the cotton pad on the area for a while and then wipe away for better results.



I applied some cleansing water on to a cotton pad and left it on my hand for about 10 seconds. Afterwards, you can see how well they have been removed. In just ten seconds… it was amazing ^^




Don’t be surprised. These are just makeup residue. See how they come off so easily?



On the left is a cleansing oil from another company which I have been using, and the right is the Real Pure Cleansing Water. The one on the left have been chosen as the number one product by Get it Beauty so I wanted to find out the differences between the two products.




I poured the cleansing water and the cleansing oil on my hand and the cleansing water was absorbed into the skin very quickly and the oil less so.


The oil can leave some residue after applying on the skin but cleansing water does not leave any greasy residue. Also, because it removes makeup so well, I think it would be better to use the cleansing water for removing eye makeup.




I think this product will be suitable for both sensitive skin and oily and combination skin. The volume of the product is 300ml and the expiry day is October 2019 so I think you have plenty of time to use the product. It’s quite affordable as well. It’s 15,000 won. I am planning to change to this cleansing water after finish my cleansing oil.

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