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Pure美 Iguacu Daily Vitamin B.C.D Review
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[Chungho Nais] Pure美 Iguacu Daily Vitamin B·C·D


I never had any interest in health food when I was young but after getting married, I started taking health supplements and having healthier diet.



So I take vitamin, omega 3, and red ginseng every day.

(although I do not exercise at all lol)



This is Pure美 Iguacu Daily Vitamin B.C.D.

I have been chosen as one of the members of the product trial group.



The brand of the product is called Pure美 and this is Chungho Nais’ health food brand.

It means “genuine beauty comes from a healthy life.”



If you look at the side, you can that there are two boxes.

Take out the outer box and you will have two boxes with you.



Like this.

You can probably tell from the name of the product, Iguacu Daily Vitamin B, C, D, that t contains rich amount of vitamin with vitamin B, C, and D as one.



This is a picture of the nutrients and effects of the product. Aside from vitamins, it also contains folic acid, important for those who are planning to have a baby.



These are specific ingredients and the amount in 2 tablets (1,200mg per tablet)

* Take 2 tablets each day.


The amount of vitamin in this product is much more than what I have been taking.

It really does contain a rich amount of vitamin.




It has GMP certification, the quality system that ensures safety and effectiveness of health functional products.



It comes with 2 boxes.



And if you open them, there are another four smaller boxes.



And if you open the smaller boxes, each comes with a separate packaging.



And if you open the packages, there are 6 packs of tablets.



As there are 10 tablets in each pack, there are all together 60 tablets in each little package.

You are supposed to take 2 tablets per day so the small package will last you a month~


And as there are 2 big boxes which contains another 4 small boxes each, it means that there are all together 480 tablets, which means that it will last you 8 months J


Seems like a math class lol



I’m getting dizzy here.


The vitamins look like this.

I love the orange color lol

Take 2 tablets per day with water!

Iguacu Daily Vitamin B, C, D is 170,000 won J

I’m going to take care of myself now and exercise as well~ ^^


Health is the most important thing in life!



Korea is struggling with MERS these days.

I am listening to the news every day and trying to stay indoors.

I wake up in the morning and see that the number of patients have doubled.

I just wish the disease would go away.


Take care~~!

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