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Ki & Jelly Plus
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Ki & Jelly Plus!!

These days, parents who are quite short and even those who are quite tall are concerned about how tall their children will grow up to be.

I guess it’s something the parents worry about because children only grow during a certain period of time in their lives and it seems that height is somewhat important when you become an adult.


So hereis Ki & Jelly Plus, a product I would definitely get for my kid.


I’ll show you in detail~




















Ki & Jelly Plus consists of patented ingredients that will helps kids grow!! It contains YGF215 (Phlomis umbrosa, Asiatic dayflower extract)



All the healthy ingredients have been used and all the harmful substances have been removed!!

It’s as if the product know what a mother wants for her child J


It has natural flavor and scent and doesn’t include sugar, artificial flavor, nor aspartame.

It contains all the healthy food for children such as red grape extract and blueberry concentration.




There are 10 little packets in each of the boxes, so there are altogether 30 of them~

It will last for a month if you take one per day ^^



The kids love it because they come in separate packets.

Kids can have them on their way to school, or while watching.

It doesn’t spill so it’s very convenient.





Now I’m going to try one of them.



I put it in the freezer but it doesn’t get hard like ice. It’s just slightly frozen on the outside.

It’s been in the freezer about a week, but it’s still quite jell-like inside.

I think it would be great for kids who don’t have strong teeth ^^



It’s delicious~ it has grape flavor ^^

And if this little grape flavored stick makes you tall, there’s no reason not to take one every day lol


It’s quite nice the way it is but I tried them with yoghurt as well~

You can add them in your cereal as well and feel both the crunchy cereal and soft jelly at the same time.

I think it would be great for kids who don’t usually eat breakfast J




Sweet, yummy jelly~ ♡



This product from Chungho Nais was made for our kids.

I’m sure Ki & Jelly Plus will help our kids grow tall as it’s been made with healthy and trustworthy ingredients.

Also, the box comes with a shopping bag so it would be great as a gift for your nieces, nephews or grandchildren ^^

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