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Anti-aging Milky Drop – Nais Whi Barista Goat Milk Latte Cream – skin care as the seasons change
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Naiswhi Whi Barista Goat Milk Latte Cream



I was looking forward to the end of summer but I can’t believe it’s already autumn now. As the seasons change, so should your cosmetics, right. What would be the best cream to use in between seasonal changes?


Naiswhi Whi Barista Goat Milk Latte Cream is a perfect for your skin when the seasons change.



Naiswhi Whi Barista Goat Milk Latte Cream is a double functional product with whitening / anti-wrinkle effect. Those are my favorite combinations.


Prevent skin aging by taking care of your skin during seasonal changes. This goat milk cream consists of 50% of New Zealand goat. It also contains green beans rich with minerals.


And I’ll show you what it means by milky drops.



Goat milk proteins are similar to mother’s milk so it absorbs quickly into the skin and delivers moisture and nourishment.


Goat Milk Latte Cream is a hydrating cream in the texture of milky drops. It’s an essence-like cream.



It’s a must for the skin when the seasons change and the weather become dry because the ingredients such as gold and honey goes deep into the skin to deliver water and lock in moisture.



In autumn, I can feel that my skin changes. It becomes drier and loses its glow. So I thought that I should do something about it.


Nais Whi Whi Goat Milk Latte Cream is a whitening / anti-wrinkle product which consists of niacinamide and adenosine.


It is an essence like hydrating cream that delivers whitening / anti-wrinkle effects.



Now, I’ll show you the product more closely.


The white cream is moist with slightly jelly-like texture.



​See how it seems to have some viscosity?



Now I’m going to apply it on my skin.


It’s pretty watery so it applies lightly on skin.

Compared to nourishing creams, it’s less oily and greasy. It applies softly and lightly.



It turns into a milky texture when you rub the cream into the skin.

This is what you call milky drops.

It starts off as a cream but ends in a milky texture.



These are milky drops.

Starts off as a cream but ends in a milky texture, right?

Just pat in to absorb.

I’ve never seen creams like this.

I was surprised to see the milky drops with my own eyes.


Nais Whi Whi Goat Milk Latte Cream leaves skin feeling moisturized without greasiness.


Somewhat like as if I took a shower with milk.

It’s very soft on the skin.



I tried using it after washing.


I took a large amount and put it on my face.




I gave it a rub waiting for milky drops to form.

Milky drops are the essential part of the cream.


I can’t use cosmetic products with strong fragrance because I’m pretty sensitive to smells but this cream barely has any scent.


I really liked using the cream because it didn’t have any scent.



My face is full of milky drops now.

Now, all I have to do is just pat in to absorb.

How awesome is that?


It leaves skin feeling so soft as if I had just washed my face with goat milk.


You know how the skin feels really soft after washing it with milk?


But I sometimes get skin irritation after using milk so hardly ever do it. ​


But they say that goat milk does not cause skin problems. After using it, my skin was fine without any sky irritations.


I was actually kind of worried about the cream because my skin usually gets irritated after using dairy products but I was relieved to find that my skin was ok after using the goat milk cream.



Nais Whi Whi Goat Milk Latte Cream is soft and gentle on the skin. It keeps skin moisturized and does not cause any skin problems.


I was amazed with milky drops.

My skin felt softer and smoother.


I really liked using this product because it has whitening / anti-wrinkle effects.


Try using the Goat Milk Latte Cream if you feel that your skin has become a little rough and dull during the change of seasons. It will leave your skin deeply moisturized.

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