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Keep your skin soft with Chungho Nais Whi Barista with coffee scent
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Hello, how are you all? I’ve been taking Korean herbal medicine (not tasty) because I haven’t been feeling well lately.

Are you concerned about showing your bumpy skin this summer?

This product is just for you!

Chungho Nais Whi Barista will take care of your skin!

Are you aware that coffee powder is good for the skin?

This product contains coffee and honey.

It eliminates toxin from the skin with coffee extract and revitalizes the skin!

It removes dead skin cells and take care of skin pores as well!


Shall we take a closer look?

There are details on the back of the product.

There are coffee powder inside the scrub and its coffee smell is wonderful~

Why am I getting hungry all of a sudden.

I’m now going to take care of my dark, dull-looking skin.


First, do not towel pat dry your face after washing!

Then place some of the scrub on to your hand before applying on the face as it be too harsh on the skin if applied straight away.

After blending in your hand, gently apply on the face.

I gently massaged my face for about 5 minutes.

Then, rinse with water!

Can you tell the difference?

It takes care of pores and dead skin cells!

See how my skin has brightened!

I’m sure everyone would want the same.

I’ll continue to take care of my skin now.

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