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Whi Barista Café Mocha Clay Pack
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Chungho Nais launched new cosmetics and recruited product trial groups last month. I applied for Whi Barista Americano Scrub and Whi Barista Café Mocha Clay Pack and luckily I was chosen as one of the members ^^


Made from coffee, the packaging is shaped like a take-out coffee cup! This is a picture of the Whi Barista Café Mocha Clay Pack from Nais Whi, Chungho Nais Cosmetics.




It removes sebum and tightens pores!

I heard that coffee powder is good for eliminating sebum and this product < exfoliates skin + removes sebum + takes care of blackheads + tightens pores + purifies skin + brightens skin + balances oil and water>


No need to use this and that. Café Mocha Clay Pack will solve all your skin problems!



The product is full of coffee smell and I can feel the sweet café mocha smell the moment I open the lid.



This is my dark-toned skin. It’s about time to exfoliate, so my skin is bit dull-looking in the picture. My skin is oily and prone to acne and zits.



I kept wanting to get a taste of the pack because it smelled so nice lol


It applies easily and softly although it’s made out of coffee powder. My skin started to feel tighter after about 10 minutes.


I hope it removes all my sebum and tighten pores.


I began to rinse off after about 15 minutes and I rubbed little coffee flakes on the skin to exfoliate.



Ta da~


See how my skin looks brighter than before?

My skin feels so much smoother without dead skin cells on my face.


My husband also told me that my skin looks brighter.

I’ve only used it once but I’m really happy with the results.


I applied a heap of Payot hydrating cream and my skin felt much more revitalized in the morning.


I’ll try using it continuously to make my skin healthier!


Thank you.

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