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Sleeping mask recommended to moisturize overnight!
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Your skin can easily get dry and sensitive

during the change of seasons due to changeable weather and

fine dust and various stress factors that threaten your health!



I tried Kabe Ella Fermentation Vanilla Sleeping Pack

to moisturize my skin overnight during the change of seasons.






Sleeping mask certified for wrinkle reduction

containing vanilla fruit extract that effectively moisturizes and prevents aging,

patented camellia flower extract that protects skin and prevents pollution

against various external stress factors,

and hibiscus and morning glory extracts that prevent blemishes and helps whiten skin

to reveal moisturized skin overnight!


Hygienic with a spatula

and easy to adjust the amount!




Delivering the highly concentrated nourishment

of a sleeping mask for night care


Impressive and moist gel cream texture

that glides on without irritation!



In fact, because sleeping mask is for night,

an excessively rich formula

can rub off on bedding

while you toss and turn



But since Kabe Ella Fermentation Vanilla Sleeping Pack

moistly and freshly penetrates

without greasiness,

we don’t need to worry!






Because I have dry and sensitive skin,

instead of using a thick layer of sleeping mask,

I used a thin layer whenever it felt dry, allowed it to be fully absorbed

and repeated layering whenever needed.


Regularly, I use sleeping mask over skin toner,

but when I feel extremely dry,

I mix in 2 to 3 drops of non-greasy oil

to instantly transform into moist and invigorated skin!




Reveal brighter skin the next morning after layering!


In particular, my forehead and cheekbones felt extremely dry,

but they are glowing after use!


Do you want an emergency moisture shot for your skin

that can easily get dry and sensitive during change of seasons?


Try fast and easy sleeping mask! :)



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