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I can’t take my hands off it because my dry skin feels moisturized
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Kabe Ella Fermentation Cold Drip Serum



World’s first fermented coffee cosmetics, Kabe Ella

Above all, today I’m going to try the serum, which is my favorite.


This cosmetics product is made from fermented and matured green coffee beans.

Fermented coffee extract makes skin plump and luminous and brightens dull skin.


Green bottle, reflecting the impression of fresh green beans

looks very refreshing. Lol

They say it replaces moisture deep inside skin

and creates a moisturizing layer on the skin’s surface.

Kabe Ella Fermentation Cold Drip Serum

fortifies skin barriers to protect skin against external factors

while soothing and comforting the skin.

I’m looking forward to the results since it reduced caffeine content

but maximized active ingredients that are good for skin.

It comes in a pump container for hygienic use.


The formula is very elastic and plump.

Kabe Ella Serum, unlike its elastic and plump formula

melts on skin

and is absorbed.



Its texture is like a soothing gel.

Can you see that it slightly soothed the red skin?


My skin was red from scratching because of shingles,

but it’s now somewhat soothed.

On conditioned skin after using toner,

I tried Kabe Ella Serum.



This serum is very easy on skin.

It is quickly absorbed by patting

and so it’s suitable in between skin care products.

Even after using only the serum on top of toner,

it makes my skin supple

and its rich moisture

prevents the pulling sensation on my dry skin even without using cream.

It leaves my skin feeling and looking great!

From now on, with coffee for skin instead of drinking,

reveal resilient, moisturized and brighter skin.




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