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Be moisturized and invigorated this summer with Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner
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Be moisturized and invigorated this summer with Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner

How to you treat your skin during the hot summer?

I use a lot of toner.

In a dry winter, I use cream with a moderate level of oil to lock in moisture, but we can’t do that in the hot and humid summer.

And because I don’t sweat a lot in summer but my face gets hot instead, I tend to focus on lowering the skin’s heat and hydrate in the skin-care steps.

Although it takes time, I think it definitely reduces dryness after layering the toner seven times, which is also called the seven-skin method.

So I tend to buy larger volumes of skin toner.


Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner

Full sized 500ml large toner + Mist bottle + Foaming toner bottle


Coffee, Properly

And now, this product I tested is a new concept D.I.Y. toner that I can wipe, spray and reapply. It’s called ‘Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner’.

It’s recommended by the Korea Coffee Association. Lol



Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner is the first cosmetics product in the world to use fermented coffee.

Instead of the brown roasted beans that first come to mind when we say “coffee”, this product is made from fermented fresh green coffee beans.

Contains 5,000ppm of fermented coffee extract!

Even the package design reflects the green color of fresh coffee beans. Looks fresh, huh?

I think it represents the freshness of the toner.


And I especially like that it comes in a large volume of 500ml.

Now, I can see that it is made from a plant-derived substance called fresh coffee beans, but what should we focus on from Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner?

Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner

Customized D.I.Y. toner with fermented coffee extract that restores plump and luminous skin


Instead of me explaining over and over, it’s easier if you actually look at the product page.

I hope this helps.


D.I.Y. Toner: Mist


It comes with an empty bottle that turns into a facial mist. It’s a handy size so you can carry it anywhere you like.

It creates a fine mist. Lol

When I sleep in, and I’m ridiculously late in the morning, I spray on mist to substitute for skin toner.

It’s not only handy but dramatically saves time on busy mornings. Lol



Look when I spray the mist.

The toner itself is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin refreshed.

My skin seems more clear than before after replenishing moisture.


D.I.Y. Toner: Foaming Toner


We call the cream on top of espresso crema, right?

When I used it in a foaming bottle, the foam looks like crema!


I use cotton pads even for foaming toner. Pump! Pump!

Rich foam!


After wiping with rich foam, it seems to help condition my skin after cleansing!

Of course I will reapply, but it’s also good for wiping skin.

My skin looks so bad these days and has so many problems, but I have a good feeling that my skin will gradually improve.


It comes in a mousse texture, which is absorbed really quickly.

But in return, it seems to flow quickly.


When I absorbed foaming toner on the back of my hand, it felt more moisturizing than when I used it as a mist.

Whenever your skin looks dull and tired, pump out foam and leave for a while to improve complexion.

What a useful beauty tip!

Kabe Ella Fermentation Crema Toner

A large 500ml toner, spray bottle and foaming bottle in a set!

Gentle non-irritant formula and non-greasy and fresh finish!

I could be care-free with this toner this summer holiday.

I’m already carrying it around in a mist bottle. Lol

From now on, give your coffee to your skin!



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