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dr omega lutein gold

Eye supplement that improves dry and dim eyes affected by aging

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650mg x 60 capsules x 3 boxes




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Product Name Dr Omega Lutein Gold
Product Type Health functional food / EPA & DHA containing oil, lutein, beta-carotene, zinc
Ingredients and Content
(Incl. origin labeling complied with The Act of on Origin Labeling of Agricultural and Fishery Products)
Refined fish oil {70% or more of the combination of EPA and DHA, refined fish oil, D-tocopherol (compound), origin}, lutein {Containing 20% of lutein, safflower oil, marigold hexane extract, vitamin E, origin}, zinc oxide (zinc 805), carotene (beta-carotene 30%, olive oil, carotene), grape seed oil (origin), beeswax, soybean lecithin, vitamin C, magnesium oxide (magnesium 60%), condensed blueberry powder, acai berry mix powder, condensed aronia powder, black raspberry juice powder, lyophilized blackberry powder, condensed maqui berry powder, bilberry fruit extract powder, haematococcus extract (containing 10% of astaxanthin), pycnogenol - pinus pinaster bark extract (procyanidin 60 to 80%)
Capsule mechanism: Hydroxypropylated starch powder, glycerin, carrageenan, polyglycitol syrup, lac color, gardenia blue colorant. May contain traces of soybean and mackerel.
Manufacturer & Location COSMAX Bio Ltd. / 30, Bio valley 3-ro (Wangam-dong), Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
Volume(Weight)Quantity 650mg x 180 capsules (117g)
Key Ingredients EPA and DHA-containing oil, lutein, beta-carotene, zinc
Functions -EPA and DHA-containing oil: Improves neutral lipid level in the blood. Boosts blood circulation. Helps enhance the condition of eyes by improving dry eyes.
-Lutein: It helps maintain the health of eyes by maintaining the sparseness and denseness level of macula that tends to reduce due to aging.
-Beta-carotene: It is needed for visual adjustment in dark places and is also used to generate skin and mucous membrane and maintain its functionality. It is also essential for the growth and development of epithelial cells.
-Zinc: It is required for maintaining a normal level of immunity and cell division.
Manufacturing Date &
Expiry Date
Separately indicated on the product container
Direction Take two capsules once a day with sufficient water.
Cautions 1. Take with sufficient water to avoid congestion in the esophagus.
2. Discontinue use if you experience any gastrointestinal disturbance or indigestion.
3. Discontinue use if you have any abnormal symptoms linked to your physical condition.
4. Do not take if there is a problem with the product before use.
5. Be sure to read the ingredients before use to avoid allergic reactions to particular ingredients.
6. May cause skin coloration if taken excessively.
Storage Directions 1. Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity. Store at room temperature.
2. Consume immediately after opening the container to avoid degeneration.
Side Effects May cause side effects due to excessive use or negligence of the user such as contamination from toxic ingredients, or unusual physiological responses.
Be sure to read the ingredients before use to avoid any allergic reactions to particular ingredients. Please report any side effects to 1577-2488.
Genetic Recombination Foods N/A
Import Declaration N/A
Customer Service Customer Service Representatives +82-80-555-1005 /
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* This product is not a medical supply intended to prevent or cure disease